Tabasco chili belongs to the group of species Capsicum frutescens and is the most frequently mentioned name above all else. It is famous for Tabasco sauce, which is made from it. The subtropical climate of the Mexican state of Tabasco is high in humidity, sunshine and nutrient-rich soil making the area a perfect chili farm. On the perennial chili variety, narrow, 4-5 cm long chili peppers are formed. When the chili turned red, it was time to harvest. Tabasco plants can easily grow up to 4 m in height. As a one-meter indoor plant in potted culture, it is also excellent for novice gardeners. Already in the first year, delicious red chili peppers can be harvested. These are classically used in spicy sauces. Tabasco chili reaches an average of 40,000 SHU. Depending on the growth conditions and harvesting time, its sharpness varies between 30,000 and 50,000 SHU. Tabasco chili changes first to light green, then to yellow, orange, and finally red. The more ripe the chili peppers, the stronger they will be.



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