Aji Charapita

It is known that the price of some spices can rise to a starry sky: vanilla and saffron, for example, are almost priceless. Yet these are not the most expensive in the world: Capsicum chinense var. Chili peppers called Aji Charapita cost even more than them. A kilogram of the most expensive spice in the world can cost up to 6.5 million forints. The plant itself grows very slowly, extremely sensitive, the approx. and pea-sized pepper berries must be harvested by hand. The chili is native to Peru and its cultivation is still in its infancy – this also contributes to raising the price. For it was not so long ago that it was domesticated, before that it grew only in the wilderness, in the jungle. The plant is extremely warm, it takes a lot of time to ripen. Once the seeds begin to germinate, they need to be provided with enough light at all times. Dark days are not well tolerated, so special lights should be provided on these days. Once the seedlings have entered the film tunnel, the temperature drop is not well tolerated. If all goes well and the conditions are right, the peppers can be harvested in late summer to early fall. Its aroma is reminiscent of the Carolina Reaper, only here the strength is very low at roughly 30,000-50,000 SHU.


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