Big Mustard Mama

The Big Mustard Mama, scientifically Capsicum chinense convar. Big Mustard Mama is an extremely strong chili pepper bred by Troy Primeaux at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Troy Primo researches and breeds the world’s oldest chili peppers, and 7 Pot Primo is also connected to it. He was born from a cross between the Big Mustard Mama, Naga Morich and Trinidad Douglah chilies. Many mention “Pepper X” with chili on a sheet, but have so far produced only 1,000,000 SHU values ​​based on proven laboratory tests.

Botanically, it grows to a height of 70-100 cm. Its fruits speak for themselves, shouting the power they have. Within the wrinkled, bumpy flesh of the 4-5 cm diameter, ripe mustard green berries, hell resides. When tasted for the first 2-3 seconds, a silky, tropical fruity taste reminiscent of green peppers greets you, and the reckless taster would say that it does not sting, it really attacks the lips and then the whole mouth and becomes more and more intense. he finally closes his way through his throat.


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