Media appearances

The first interview I was interviewed by Blikk about Olchili in July 2020… the article can be viewed here:

After the Blikk newspaper, I conducted my first live interview on the M2 Petőfi channel in the program “Itt vagyok”. The interview can be viewed here:

After appearing in the program “I am at home”, I received an invitation to “Balázsék” in the studio of Radio 1, we tasted a lot here… the program can be listened to here (July 24, 2020):

After Balázsék’s show, I was also invited to RTL KLUB’s show “Reggeli”, in the show I talked to Ramona Lékai-Kiss and Dávid Miller, Dávid boldly agreed to taste the chili, but I won’t tell you more about it, let’s watch it

After RTL KLUB’s show “Reggeli”, TV2 noticed me too, then they came to me and shot a little movie in the garden, on the foil and even in the kitchen. The finished masterpiece was slightly reworked and a super show was released in Tények Plusz, where the chili was starring. This section can be viewed at the following link:

After the new autumn awards, the local TV of the 22nd district of Budapest, Promontor TV, was also contacted, the interview can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

After the summer medal of 2021, ATV also made a little film with me about the Heti Napló with András Sváby. program, the video shows that since an average day on the Olchili farm, cultivation, processing and distribution, all can be viewed at the following link:

In connection with the ATV report, the staff of Ripost also contacted me and they did a short interview about how my passion for chili actually started and how my days are spent today. The report can be viewed at the following link:

Simultaneously with the Ripost newspaper, the Magyar Nemzet also prepared a small report with me, which can be read at the following link:

At the same time as Magyar Nemzet, the online newspaper of Hí was published, which, in cooperation with Ripost and Magyar Nemzet, shares the latest tabloid information about the world, and a short article about me was published. You can see it by clicking on the link below:

After Ripost, Magyar Nemzet, Hír TV Radar his show also visited my chili farm with a crew, where many unanswered questions and curiosities were also broadcast, which were broadcast live in the evening. You can see this here:

After the Hír TV show, I was invited to watch Life TV Ébredj velünk with Us. to a life TV show where Linda, the host, tasted some of my products all the way through, but the last one proved to be strong enough for her, the video is available at the link below:

Life TV Ébredj velünk with us. After a live TV show, TV2’s Mokka staff visited me and they also made a little film about the autumn garden, kitchen operations and then the market where I am available on Saturdays. You can see the part of Mokka that falls on me here: